Why agencies & freelancers should use Chimpra

Fast & easy approval of artwork

Easier and faster approval of artwork, without the need for emailing PDF’s or InDesign files.

Chimpra automizes your client’s approval process of InDesign files. Finally clients can control the workflow and approve your artwork digitally. No more quibbling about who said what. Everything is well-documented.

As agency, you can monitor the work process: from receiving feedback, gaining insight in the number of iterations to the final approval. Furthermore, the rating system gives you clear insights on the workflow and the quality of your work and design team. Pretty nifty, right?

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Changes in InDesign File

Your clients can make changes and add remarks directly in the InDesign file — without needing InDesign knowledge or a license

Is your artwork ready and on point? Great. Next step: upload your InDesign file to Chimpra. Your client can open your files directly in his browser — without needing InDesign knowledge or a license. Easy like that.

After the client adds his comments and corrections — with a user-friendly editor — your designer receives a file with feedback and can do small changes in Chimpra.

For larger adaptations it’s always possible to download an InDesign file, make local changes and ... upload it again. That’s what we call ‘InDesign in, InDesign out’.

Seeing is believing.
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Make sure feedback is followed up. You’ll receive a structured overview with changes, corrections and annotations. 

When an InDesign file is ready for approval, you create layers. You define which layers your client has access to. Just upload the file to the Chimpra system and give your client access to give feedback and make changes.

After review, you receive a structured overview with changes, corrections and annotations.  Just print the file and work your way through the To Do list. Done? Upload the edited InDesign file to Chimpra again.

This way of giving feedback makes an intensive email communication unnecessary. No more lost emails in spam. No more discussions.

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Review & rating

Improve your designs based on your client’s review and rating. This satisfaction score has a powerful effect on your agency’s work.

Client rating is key to improving. When your work is done and approved, your client can review and rate the work.

This customer satisfaction score can have a powerful effect. Firstly, it detects (un)happy clients. Secondly, it can help focus your team and gives you the chance to create even better work. 

These reviews and ratings also expose the quality and will improve the overall quality of the work of your agency.

Check our different licensing prices for freelancers, small and large agencies.